Shopify Agency Plus Guide #1 Best Shopify Agencies UK

Shopify Agency Plus Guide #1 Best Shopify Agencies UK

Check out our new guide to shopify agencies here containing the best shopify agency list in the UK!

With Ecommerce growth up 50% to 870$ billion during the panic every on-line store wants in on the action. And that’s why dispite stock market turbulence Shopify is the go to platform for many of not most of the most dynamic fasion and ecommerce brands out there

When looking for a Shopify development agency, look for a number of factors. Make sure that the Shopify development agency you select has a proven track record and portfolio of previous work. This will help you get a clear idea of their experience and capabilities. Additionally, look for client testimonials and reviews, as these can give you an idea of how well the agency has performed in the past. Taking the time to read these reviews will help you make a well-informed decision about the agency.

Experienced Shopify developers understand the intricacies of Shopify customization and can create a website that is exactly what your customers are looking for. They can research your target audience and implement marketing strategies to ensure that your online store is a success. Additionally, a development agency can keep track of your timeline and notify you when the project is complete. This way, you can ensure that you have the best experience possible with your online store.

With the growing popularity of Shopify, it is easy to see why more merchants are choosing this ecommerce platform. With its simple interface and in-house management of most aspects of an online store, it makes it a perfect choice for small and mid-size businesses.

However, many of these businesses lack the expertise or time to make the necessary changes on their own, which makes a Shopify development agency the best option. Once you’ve selected a Shopify development agency, you can focus on growing your business with a site that’s custom-designed to meet your specific needs.

So without any further ado let us go to the best shopify agency guide – our list to the best shopify agencies in the UK right now



Scaling an ecommerce brand is complex. It requires strategic thinking, meticulous planning and perfect execution across multiple channels and platforms.

Fieldwork help their partner brands to avoid the pitfalls and prioritise the wins to drive profitable online sales and create valuable digital brands

When you engage with Field Work, you’re talking to your peers – fellow founders and ecommerce operators who’ve been in your shoes and understand your priorities, not digital agency gurus who’ve never shipped a product to a customer.

shopify agency

Ultimately our goal is to help you cut through the noise and prioritise the right initiatives at each stage of your business.

If you’re an ambitious DTC disruptor, fieldwork are almost certainly the partner for you.


Charle was formed out of a passion to build ecommerce websites that perform and deliver creative excellence.

As a leading web design agency in London, Charle are in our shopify agencies guide as they push the boundaries of creative design and build websites using cutting-edge development. As a Shopify Partner, Charle deliver bespoke design and development on one of the worlds fastest growing and most reliable ecommerce platforms.

As a leadin shopify plus agency, Charle’s web strategies are brave, insightful and bespoke – focused on your business performance. As a diverse team of designers and developers, Charle work closely with their clients as an extension of your team.

Charle are forward-thinking, not affraid to speak their mind and operate with communication and close working relationships at their heart.

Blue Horizons

Headed up by husband and wife Marcus and Zoe, with a small, close-knit team, Blue Horizon are a full service marketing agency with a wealth of experience in Shopify, marketing and business.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to grow your existing business Blue Horizons can help you with set up and design support for your ecommerce store.

Blue Horizon work with you on everything from logo design to capturing engaging photography that sells your products; from developing a beautiful new website, to marketing your products or services and growing your business.

The Social Shepard

The Social-first shopify plus agency for growth-focused brands. Their talented team sits across data-driven paid media, social media content, video creatives & influencer marketing.


Kubix are in our shopify agencies guide as, as they say. it’s time to think big. Kubix help brands all over the world to grow their sales online. Every project Kubix undertake – whether UX design, development or digital marketing – is delivered by our in-house team of experts to provide you with an unparalleled online experience.

Kubix know Shopify inside out, and Kubix know how to get results.


Liquidy are a team of Shopify agency experts that can design & develop anything as well as smash your competitors in Google.

Liquidy offer a range of services targeted at ecommerce businesses.  Specifically Liquidy work with those using or looking to use the Shopify platform.

Their core business is in everything Shopify and Liquidy are world renowned Shopify designers, developers and marketing experts.

Officially recognised Shopify experts since the early days, we work with merchants all around the world.  From small one-woman stores right on up to retail giants.  We support hundreds of merchants and their code powers thousands of stores with combines sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Liquidy work best with agile brands who value performance, quality and a get it done attitude.

Liquidy are not a floaty, fonty agency who like to talk all day about UI and what Liquidy think will work and what looks nice.  Those things don’t make you money.

Instead Liquidy use a lot of data, a lot of testing and a serious amount of experience to supercharge Shopify stores.  Sometimes to the point where people sometimes ask us to slow down!


A new school agency capturing those moments that will become memories. SPECIALIZING IN – SOCIAL MEDIA: Social Strategy – there is more that goes into social media than what meets the eye. Let me be those second set of eyeballs to make sure you’re covered! Content Creation – professional photos that are tailored to what the consumers who matter, a.k.a. “Instagram Addicts”, want to see. Growth – see those followers go up!

Guaranteed organic growth of your following based on targeted hashtags, demographics, and locations. Management – why stress when you can have an expert do it for you? Service from A-Z across social platforms – anything from engagement, to posting, to live response feedback.

Influencer Marketing – micro influencers are the future of marketing. Imagine having the impact of a trusted friend’s opinion, but now 100x ?

With a trusted network, activate influencers to tell a story for your brand! Events – there is nothing like a first-hand experience. Let me put on my boots, hit the ground running, and tell your brands story! Whether you’re a venue, product, or person…. I have a spot for you! Video Production – yeah you know those crazy cool drone videos?…. well, I’ve got you covered. Let the excitement kick in now!

Design – turning blah to beautiful. From logos to business cards to menus, let me improve the visual appearance of your brand! Websites – foundations are truly the most important. Let’s make sure your website is looking brand spankin’ new! SEO – everyone wants to be popular right ?!? – it is the same on Google! Make sure you are ranked at the top!

Underwater Pistol

Underwater Pistol are a data-driven and passion-fuelled. Underwater Pistol combine creative vision with technical know-how for bespoke Shopify stores that truly convert.

In 2006, Underwater Pistol built one of the first 90 Shopify stores in the world.

Since then, Underwater Pistol have helped brands achieve ecommerce success across all verticals – from luxury fashion to food and drink. As early adopters and Shopify Plus Partners, we’ve come to know the platform inside and out, growing as it grows to deliver transformative results for market leaders.
There are 40 of us in total, working across strategy, design, development, paid media and more – meaning all of the ecommerce expertise you need is found in one place.

shopify plus agency

Underwater Pistol aspire to shake up the Shopify plus agency model. It’s not just about building brands a store; it’s about building them the best store, with strategies and technology in place to drive growth. They don’t just need design and development – they need a revenue-boosting online experience their customers will love. And they don’t just need digital marketing – they need a holistic plan that oozes creativity.

Their mission is to help brands to realise their full potential on Shopify and Shopify Plus, and feel empowered by the possibilities their optimised store provides.

Underwater Pistol

Quick Fire

Quick fire are in our Shopify agency guide as they strive to produce the best result for each assignment we take on. Their team is constantly learning and sharing knowledge to ensure we deliver the best product.

These are some of their recent projects and clients Quick fire have had the privilege of working with.



Established 20 years ago Propeller are one of the best shopify agencies in the UK as they have a talented team of specialists who are on hand to provide strategic support and direction where you need it most. Propeller provide website design & development, UX digital strategy, eCommerce, SEO & PPC. At Propeller, as a leading shopify plus agency they deliver exceptional digital experiences.


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